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Looks like the dark days from the pandemic are behind us and life can start to return to a more normal routine. With that said we are having a Chapter picnic on August 28th at Bendigo State Park just north of Johnsonburg. We will be eating at noon and if the past is a good indicator there will be enough food for dinner as well. As was reported in the previous newsletter the Chapter is supplying everything except your attendance. We need a head count so we can let the caterer know how much food to supply.

PLEASE let us know if you can attend and how many people will be with you. You can email your RSVP to the chapter email at amctu036@gmail.com or call (814)371-9290 and leave a message. We need to hear from you by the 22nd of August. The Jim Zwald Chapter will be joining us as well so it should be a fun day.

Just some fyi on the site at Bendigo. The East Branch of the Clarion is right in the park and even though it is late August the water will be cold, and trout will still be there to supply some fishing to anyone wishing to give it a shot. The Park also has a swimming pool and a kiddie’s pool with lifeguards on duty. We have pavilion # 1 which can seat a large group under roof so weather should not be an issue either. If you are not into fishing or swimming, there is a hiking path that follows the river and loops back to the park.

Other Chapter happenings

President Codey met with PATU Council Chair Greg Malaska in May. In addition to getting together they also looked at some of our chapter projects. The annual fall meeting will be held in the Bedford area in September so look for additional details as they come out.

Members of our chapter met with the Western PA Conservancy and students from Indiana State University the last week in May to electro fish the Sandy Lick in the DHALO section that the habitat work was done last summer. Even with the hot weather and low flows that were common in late May many trout were still using the cross vain and some of the undercuts in this section. They also found many species of other fish as well.

We once again hosted the macro invertebrate station at the Clearfield County Youth Field Day at Camp Mountain Run in June. Big thanks to Doug Wolfe for chairing this station and to all those who helped.

Our 1st outing post pandemic was a picnic at Walter Dick Park in Brookville. We had a great attendance and a good time fishing and just catching up with all after a year of not meeting.

The Chapters fundraiser is back on the calendar for 2022 the date is April 9th at the Falls Creek Eagles. Mark, your calendar as this should be a BIG event since we have not held our fundraiser dinner for two years.

We should be starting to hold our monthly meeting starting in September if we secure a site. Our hope is that Penn State will allow meetings with the start of the school year. We also look forward to our weekly fly-tying roundtable starting in January. No word has been received if the DuBois Area Middle School will be holding their fly-fishing club or that the Environmental Day is going to be held. We will keep everyone posted as we progress into the fall season.

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Happy 2021 we hope it is better than 2020 was. We want to give an update to our members of all the happening since October. As stated in the last newsletter we held the October membership meeting outdoors at the Tannery Dam. All the officers were reelected, and Rich Ferrara and Steve Maleski were also reelected. Kelly Williams has been elected to Regional VP with State Council and gave an update of what was happening there. She stated that all the chapters as well as council have been negatively impacted by the corona virus and are finding ways to work around it. We did not receive a reply to the letter we wrote to Ole Bull State Park about the fish ladder, but we received word from a member that it has been removed and fish can move throughout the watershed. It was also decided that we would hold our annual organizational dinner at Hoss’s on November 5th.

No business was conducted at the dinner and our next board meeting would be in January.

1st Quarter Board Meeting

We held our 1st quarter board meeting on January 14th via zoom. As expected, the main topic was the Annual Fundraiser that is scheduled to be held April 10th. This fundraiser dinner has been CANCELED!

We felt that it would still be unsafe to host a large gathering at this time. It does present a problem though. We have been spending more than we have brought in and with donations that will be talked about later in this letter, along with just keeping the chapter up and running. Our cash flow has been nonexistent. Also, the move to a larger storage unit and purchasing shelves and totes to organize our supplies while within the budget still was more than what we raised in 2020. With this said, we are still holding our annual raffle. The prizes will be the same as last year, CASH! All our members will once again receive a book of tickets and it is hoped you can purchase them. if you can sell more, we really need the help since this is the only fundraiser, we are having this year.

We still have several projects that were not done this past year. We have a joint project with the PA Game Commission on Clover Run. We were asked to investigate some maintenance on habitat work we had done years ago on Big Run Creek, as well as the Coldwater Heritage Project on the same stream. We found that the Western PA Conservancy received funding for riparian work on the Clarion River at Clear Creek. We had done a planting to help stabilize the bank along this stretch with help from students at Brockway Area Schools two years ago, so this is welcome news. The Conservancy is also planning to do some habitat work in Clear Creek itself, so watch the website or future newsletters for updates and details.


Matt Marusiak asked for some help for trimming and general maintenance on Western Pennsylvania Conservancy’s Dr Colson Blakeslee Memorial Recreation Area property in Medix Run. This property is right along 555 just past the turn to Quehanna. A spring clean-up workday is scheduled for Monday April 26th at 10am in the parking area and we encourage a good turn-out. It is hoped that a couple of our members would then be willing to help regularly maintain the parking area and the area around Doc’s memorial to keep it from getting overgrown throughout the summer. It would be great to see some of our members that day and maybe even do a little fishing afterwards. If you are able to come, or need more details or directions, please reach out to Matt at mmarusiak@paconserve.org or 814-771-4136.

Other items voted on at the meeting.

As stated above this meeting was a zoom meeting that allows other to see each other and talk or to call in and participate. We decided to purchase a nonprofit license so we can use this platform for other meetings and events.

We are awarding the following nonprofits:

PATU- $500.00

Western PA Conservancy -$500 (Matt Marusiak recused himself)

Toby Creek Watershed for tree planting-$100.

Kettle Creek Watershed-$100

Headwaters RC&D Council-$100

Prior to the October meeting several members met at the McCracken Run Storage to move out all the items used by the chapter to our new unit in Rathmel. We found items that we forgot that we owned. Big Thanks goes out to Doug Wolfe and Rich Ferrara, they spent a Sunday going through and organizing the merchandise and putting them in new totes, as well as building the shelves. Anyone who ever seen the old shed would be amazed how nice it now looks. Once we moved in it was very clear that a larger unit then the one we had was needed. Thanks to A&R Storage for helping in securing a 10×10 unit. Again, thanks to Doug the move to the larger unit was accomplished with little issues.

We have some items still, at the old shed, if anyone is interested: 4×4 cork board; file cabinet; old projectors and cubical dividers. We will be cleaning out the balance of item near the end of February, there may be other items there as well. If interested email the chapter at amctu036@gmail.com by February 28th or it goes away forever.

We had many folks ask if we would be hosting our weekly flytying roundtable. Once again due to the virus we canceled this. There may be a chance the someone would like to host this virtually via zoom, then this may be the way we go.

Along with the banquet so were all school events canceled this year. Perhaps later this year the chapter can host a Family Fishing Event. Watch the website for updates on current events and cancelations.

We had a discussion on the removal of several dams on some of our small streams that are no longer used or in major need of repair. While some folks like to fish dams most dams on small streams do very little the help the watershed or the trout as they raise the temperature of the water downstream. No specifics were given just that the chapter would be looking to the best agency to help with the removal.

In case some do not know we now have new Waterways Conservation Officers in both Clearfield and Jefferson County. Justin Schillaci in Clearfield and Shania Painter in Jefferson. It would be great to host a virtual meeting between now and the “official” start of trout season. We may also have other virtual meetings if there is interest.

We have not talked to Terry at Jim’s Sports, but keep an eye out for his anniversary sell in March. We have been supporters of his sale, tying flies and selling raffle tickets and giving fishing tips. Hopefully, this event will be held in some fashion this spring.

As seen above we do have a chapter email. If everyone who receives our newsletter would send an email to the amctu036@gmail.com address, we would be able to easily send notices of thing the chapter is doing. We have used the email from National TU, but we notice that the # of members who wish to receive email through National keeps dropping. Newsletters are great but it seems like it becomes harder and harder to keep them coming out at least quarterly. We know that email is not the answer either, but by using all of them together, email, website, and newsletter, we should be able to provide everyone with what the chapter is doing.

The Chapter hopes that we soon can get together as we have in the past and we hope that everyone stays safe.

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The officers and directors met on August 20, 2020 at the pavilion at Tannery Dam in DuBois to discuss chapter activities and projects. As everyone knows, this has been a crazy year, and many events were canceled. For the first time since 1966, we did not have our Annual Banquet. We were still able to conduct our annual raffle – thank you all who purchased or sold your raffle tickets. The winners of the raffle were: 1st prize Rich Ferrera; 2nd prize Fred Griffith; and 3rd prize Dave Lazorchak. We netted $2459 from the raffle.

We are hoping to get more back to normal in 2021, and we have the Falls Creek Eagles reserved for the Annual Banquet on April 10, 2021. We also are discussing ways to hold the fly-tying round-table.

We still need to hold an annual meeting and election of officers. We have tried to find the best way to do this. After a lot of thought it was decided that we will hold the election outside at the pavilion at the Tannery Dam. We feel that this would be the best as we were going to do a call in, but the logistics just did not seem to fit for an election. Please join us at 6 pm on October 15, 2020 to vote for the officers and directors for the next year.

Nominations for officers are:
President: Codey Schlemmer
Vice President: Matt Marusiak
Secretary-Treasurer: George Kutskel

Please join the meeting if you can. If you have interest in any officer or director position or in making other nominations, please contact George Kutskel. Nominations also can be taken from the floor prior to the election.

We hope everyone stays sane and healthy through this crazy time and hope to see you all soon.

If you need more information, please contact George Kutskel at 814-371-9290 or maksak@comcast.net.

Check the website amctu.org or AMCTU facebook page for latest details on programs and events.

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Officers and Directors Report

The officers and directors met on August 13, 2019 to discuss chapter activities and projects. The fall chapter picnic will be September 3, 2019 at the Tannery Dam. Please bring a covered dish. We will start to eat at 6 pm. The annual chapter meeting and election of officers will be October 15, 2019. See below for more details. The 2020 Flyting Roundtable will start on January 2, 2020 at Penn State DuBois – Mary Smeal Building and will run each Thursday for six weeks.


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Officers and Directors Report

The officers and directors met on May 21, 2019 to discuss chapter activities and projects.  Updates were given to the many projects we had in May and final numbers were given for the annual fundraiser (see below).  Also the chapter wants to thank everyone who helped is some way in making this years event a great one.


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Officers and Directors Report

The officers and directors met on August 7, 2018 to discuss chapter activities and projects. No actions were taken.

Reports on the fishing programs for youth were received. All programs were successful; over 50 youth were helped to catch fish. Also the Environmental Day at Camp Mountain Run was a great success and a big THANK YOU to those who were able to help out.

Projects and Updates

Montgomery Run Riparian Planting
Tubes were placed on the trees other than the white pine. We still have some pine and elderberry to be planted when the weather cools down. We had two planting days. Thanks to chapter members, Penn State students, DCNR personal and volunteers who helped make this project a success. We will go to the splash dam in the fall to see how well the trees fared this summer.


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Officers and Directors Report

The officers and directors met on May 1, 2018 to discuss chapter activities and projects. The only action was to approve a $100 donation to North Fork Watershed Association.

Note that the Spring chapter picnic with Iron Furnace chapter will be Wednesday May 16, 2018 at Walter Dick Park in Brookville. Hotdogs and hamburgers will be provided. Please bring a dish to share and a good appetite. Eating starts at 6 pm.

Arrangements are being finalized for the Summer chapter picnic with Jim Zwald Chapter to be held on Sunday July 22, 2018 at Bendigo State Park near Johnsonburg. This picnic will start at 1 pm. The chapters will provide the food and drink, and there may be a euro-nymphing demonstration. There is no cost, but please RSVP by July 10 to George Kutskel at 814-371-9290 or maksak@comcast.net so we can be sure to have enough food.


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Officers and Directors Report

The officers and directors met on August 1, 2017 to discuss chapter activities and projects. No actions were taken at the August meeting.

The next AMCTU board meeting is the board reorganization meeting at 6 pm on November 7, 2017 at the Hoss’s in DuBois.

New Meeting Location
Beginning with our October meeting we will be meeting at the Penn State DuBois Campus in the Mary Smeal Building.  Please use parking lot 006 just off of College Place. 


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Officers and Directors Report

The officers and directors met on February 1, 2017 and took the following actions:

  • Provided support letter to PFBC for approval of wild trout and Class A wild trout waters. You can find the list of waters being considered for designation at this web link: Wild Trout Streams Being Considered.
  • Started planning a family fishing event to be held at the Tannery Dam sometime in later April or early May.
  • Noted that PFBC is proposing to hold a Wild Trout Summit in the summer. PFBC also added six more streams to their Keystone Select Stocked Trout Program, including Chest Creek, Kinzua Creek, and Oil Creek.
  • Appointed Doug Wolfe as the chapter’s Financial Reviewer. This is a new requirement from national TU that each chapter has an officer (who is not authorized to write checks, otherwise withdraw or transfer money from accounts, or use chapter or council credit cards) review the bank and/or credit-card statements every month. Thanks Doug!
  • Appointed Rich Ferrara to fill a director position vacancy. Thanks Rich!
  • Approved donations to the following organizations: $500 donation to PA Council of TU, $500 donation to the Western PA Conservancy, $100 donation to the Headwaters RC&D Council, $100 donation to the Toby Creek Watershed Association, $100 donation to the Bennett Branch Watershed Association, and $100 donation to the Kettle Creek Watershed Association.


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2017 AMCTU Officers and Directors

AMCTU membership elects officers and directors annually in October. Below are the officers and board of directors for 2017.

President: George Kutskel; Vice President: Matt Marusiak; Secretary-Treasurer: Joe Buterbaugh

Directors: Marty Hrin, Edwin London, Codey Schlemmer, Sam Sleigh, Ken Undercoffer, Kelly Williams, Eric Wilson, and Doug Wolfe

Big congratulations and thank you to these members willing to serve as AMCTU leaders – it can be a lot of work, but it is a lot of fun too! We are always looking for people interested in being an officer or director. Feel free to reach out to anyone on the board if you are interested in learning more.

Important Dates for 2017

2017 is right around the corner. We try to find dates and times for meetings that work best for most everyone (it is challenging) and this year we are moving all meetings to Tuesday evenings. The officers and directors will meet quarterly on first Tuesdays starting in February. Membership meeting and programs will be held on the third Tuesdays, except during the summer. Please mark your calendar for the meeting dates listed below.


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